eXtreme Movie Manager

eXtreme Movie Manager 10.0

Catalog your movie and TV show collection on your PC

eXtreme Movie Manager is a utility that might come in handy if you're dealing with a large film and TV show collection. With its help, you can catalog your movies and episodes from your favorite TV series, find missing information about new films, and keep track of the DVD movies you borrow.

The program features a straightforward interface, is packed with an integrated search utility, and enables you to scan and import information about the videos on your PC. In addition, it gives you access to detailed statistics based on the stored content.

eXtreme Movie Manager comes with several sample items, each with a detailed description and rating. When adding new entries, you can use the built-in search tool to find and import the necessary content. However, it might take a while to load all movie or TV show info.

A great aspect is the fact that you can import movie details from various sources. Once you finish editing your catalog, you can either print the stored content or export it to multiple file formats.

In conclusion, eXtreme Movie Manager is a helpful video inventorying utility that works OK, brings you many useful features, and comes with a fair price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Comes with a built-in search tool
  • You can scan local folders for movies and TV shows
  • Provides you with detailed statistics based on the stored info
  • Comes with a loan manager


  • It might take a while to import movie info from the web
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